Spring Make up Trend – Bare Lashes!

Mascara-free lashes were a top trend on spring runways. Find out how to pull off this fresh look (even if you’re a mascara addict).

Who’d have thought the hip new trend would be forgetting mascara?

Across the Fall 2013 shows, the no-mascara look was rocked with dramatic lips, smoky eyes, and no-makeup makeup. In fact, the biggest thing the Fall beauty shows had in common? No mascara.

Most of us wouldn’t set foot outside our apartments without mascara. Especially me! In fact the number one desert island pick is the Mascara. But the runways are ditching the wand for a more undone, modern look.

At the Todd Lynn Fall 2013 show, MAC Director of Makeup Artistry Terry Barber explained, “This show is all about gender blending, that’s the new gender bending; the boys and girls have the same look,’ said Terry. ‘No mascara is less ‘try hard,’ it goes against glamour.”

Maybelline artist Charlotte Willer said, “Black—or any other color—can overpower the look. The face looks more pure this way, less doll-like. You notice other things.”

Second, going mascara-free doesn’t mean that you need to leave the rest of your face au naturel. On the contrary, the right makeup is essential to doing the no-mascara look beautifully (as opposed to just looking like you forgot your mascara).

“Skin is the key factor to this look,” says makeup artist Charlotte Willer for Maybelline New York. Without mascara to hide behind, your skin has to be (or at least appear) perfect. “I suggest creating dewy skin and covering up dark circles with concealer.”

Luckily, there are a few tricks you can use to keep yourself from looking totally lash-less.

1.Curl your lashes and set with clear mascara (or brow gel). While lashes are still slightly damp, curl again for maximum hold (just be careful not to crimp).

2.Try a brown mascara for did-she-or-didn’t-she lashes. We love Benefit BadGal Brown for a fluttery, natural look. Like Terry Barber said, “Brown is back, it’s chic, and very 90s. Conservative make-up is being reinvented as cool.”

3. Smudge liner into lash roots with an angled brow brush, or space tiny dots between the lashes with one of the three-pronged liners that were crazy-popular last year.

Last, don’t forget about your lips. A bold lip paired with naked lashes can make your face feel less bare – and it also happens to look gorgeous and modern.

Well, some of us never thought of our lives without mascara wands entirely… That said, we’re going to try it this weekend. Maybe this is what modernity feels like?










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