Natural Bushy Eyebrows – This seasons Trend!

This Seasons Beauty Trend – Natural Bushy Eyebrows!

Luxurious thick eyebrows can make your face and eye type more evident. They really make you attractive and irresistible. Just like many celebrities who nowadays have magnificent and thick eyebrows, you can also have them.

The trend is not to over pluck them! Let your eyebrows be as natural as possible. But not all of us have eyebrow shapes as natural as the models. The trick is, if you have thick eyebrows to keep them soft and natural. Whatever you do, don’t draw in heavy thick eyebrow shapes with a dark eyebrow pencil as this will over power your face and can be ageing.’

‘Over plucked eye brows look old fashioned. To get back to a more natural and the best eyebrow shape for summer, the only way is to grow them out which takes up to six weeks. Be patient, they may look untidy for a while, but it’s worth the wait as it’s only after a full cycle of hair growth that you can see your natural shape.’

Vaseline and Olive – if you want to grow them quick and naturally, you should apply Vaseline petroleum jelly around your eyebrows twice a day especially in the mornings and afternoons. At night, apply olive oil on the areas you want thick eyebrows to grow, as it will enhance their growth. Once they have grown, you can stop applying Vaseline and olive oil.

20130724-233158.jpgForget about your face shape, it’s all about bringing out the natural shape of your eyebrows. That way, you’ll always get the most flattering look for you. If you try to manipulate your eyebrow shape to follow a celebrity look, it will look unnatural. So, enhance what you’ve got.’

To tint or not to tint

‘Tinted eyebrows are great for brows that are very pale – by going ever so slightly darker, it’s easier when plucking and, if done correctly, it can look really elegant and face enhancing. However, never go too dark. ‘Anything more than 1 to 2 shades will look unnatural and draw attention away from your eyes.’ Alternatively if you’ve got naturally dark hair, you could ask your colourist to take your eyebrows one shade lighter for summer, which can have a youthful effect.








Avoid this heavy drawn-on one at all costs.
Big but NATURAL is the order of the day. So step away from your dark brown pencil. Instead, gently feather an eyeshadow that is two shades darker than your natural brow colour into your follicles with a tapered or slanted brush to help fill in any gaps and add definition.

Hope you like my new post, after having a long break. Please leave comments and you can also ask me questions anytime! Enjoy your new look and be always open for new trends and changes in your life! It makes us happy and is motivating! Check my instagram account @janesfashion19


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